Social Program

Social activities are planed as follow. Plase note that the activity details may be modified in future. Please check the latest page.

Conference reception

On July 12th evening (18:00-20:00) at the conference venue. A warm welcome to Niigata, Japan, and ICCOSS 2015. Free for all participants.


On July 15 afternoon (13:30 to 18:00), getting around Niigata City taking taxi and walking. Visit Niigata City Aquarium at the seaside, then Niigata Gokoku Shrine, the biggest shrine in the prefecture, and finally Saito Family Summer Villa, an old beautiful Japanese style villa of a local wealthy merchant. Japanese tea and sweet is served. The fee includes taxi, entrance fees, and tea service at the Japanese villa.

This excursion is not a group bus tour, but rather as individuals. So you just take a start to the Aquarium as an explorer with map. From the Shrine to the family villa, 20min. walking is expected.

The excursion package is 3,500JPY. Please reserve this package in your registration.

Sushi dinner

On July 15th evening (18:00-20:00), the world famous Japanese dish of Sushi is waiting for you. Please visit a Sushi bar (Sushi "Sado-Benkei") near the conference site, which is the local's favourite. It is Sushi-go-around (sushi train, conveyer belt) type bar, but the taste and hospitality are guaranteed by the Niigata people who are lining up everyday.

And more... it is "All-you-can-eat" or "Free refills" for the price (exclude drinks).

The sushi dinner ticket is 3,000JPY. Please reserve this special dinner experience in your registration.

Conference banquet

On July 16th evening (18:00-20:00), the official conference banquet is held in Hotel Nikko Niigata which is beside the conference venue. It is a full service banquet with Japanese and western style dishes.

The banquet ticket is 10,000JPY. Please make reservation in your registration.