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Thank you from the Conference

  • Conference photo Please type the URL at the right to visit. photo
  • More than 130 participants including 46 students from 21 countries, Japan, UK, Israel, US, South Africa, Canada, Taiwan, Singapore, Australia, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Latvia, Korea, Russia, Switzerland, Thailand, UAE, Venezuela.
  • The organizers would like to express our deepest gratitude to all participants, conference sponsors, ICCOSS International Advisory Board members, Local Organizing Committee members, Conference supporting team of TOKI messe.
  • Special and enthusiastic supports from Japanese groups and the Organic Crystal division of the Chemical Society of Japan are especially acknowledged. Without their help, the conference was not this successful one.
  • The next ICCOSS 2017 (ICCOSS XXIII) is planned to be held in South Africa. Participants of ICCOSS 2015 will receive an email regarding the next conference in 2016 or early in 2017.
  • See you in ICCOSS 2017 in South Africa.

Delegate Information

Oral and Poster presentations

  • Poster Presentation
    • All posters are posted for two days (July 13th and 14th).
    • All posters are posted in the morning of July 13th or before, and are collected after the poster session of July 14th or in the morning of July 15th.
    • Odd number posters are presented in the session of July 13th.
    • Even number posters are presented in the session of July 14th.
    • Students' posters are marked, and judged for Student Poster Awards.
  • Poster Preparation
    • Poster size would be A0 portrait which should fit into W1130mm x H1950mm poster board which has no legs.
    • Only pins are allowed (pins are supplied). No tape, glue, velcro, and goo are allowed.
    • Poster Panel
  • Oral Presentation
    • Discussion time is included in the oral presentation time. So, please allow a few minutes of discussion at the end of your presentation. One note of bell will ring before 5 min. and before 2 min. of the end of presentation time. They are only for information, but the first bell is indicating the talk is going to be summarised within three minutes, and the second bell is to start discussion time. But the control of the session is directed by the chair person.
    • Prepare your PC The conference does not prepare any PCs in the conference room. So please bring you own PC for oral presentation. If you use MacBooks, please also bring the video cable connecter. If you do not have your PC in the conference, please let us know.
    • The next speaker seat is prepared. So please move to the seat when the previous talk starts.
    • Laser pointer is supplied at the conference room.

Other information

  • Congestion and jam on 13th are forecasted. Eight thouthands pople gathers to a music concert on the 1st floor of TOKI Messe from 15:00 to 19:00. ICCOSS 2015 is on the 3rd floor.
  • System Instruments Co., Ltd. offers hands-on UV/vis real-time measurement at the exhibition booth. Please bring your sample of a trace of amount (less than 1mg is enough).