Hotel reservation

Near the conference venue, reduced rate hotel rooms are reserved for the conference participants. The hotel list includes Hotel Nikko Niigata, Hotel Okura Niigata, and Hotel Sunroute Niigata. The reservation system operated by JTB Global Marketing & Travel Inc. (JTBGMT), the official travel and accommodation agent, is now open. Please see the next section. Also, pdf files of room rates, and hotel map are available..

The rooms are available from July 11th to 19th (IN: July 11th, OUT: 19th). So you can arrive Niigata city on the previous day of the conference reception (July 12th), and leave the city on 19th morning after enjoying some sightseeings around Niigata for one full day after the closing (July 17th).

Reservation system

The reservation system is operated by JTB Global Marketing & Travel Inc. (JTBGMT)

Please Click HERE or the Logo below to enter the Hotel reservation system.


Trip advice

If you arrive at the Narita airport in the morning, e.g. 10AM, you can arrive Niigata station around 3PM by train and Shinkansen (bullet train) to catch the conference reception from 6PM on July 12th. The railroad trip from the Narita airport to Niigata station would cost about 13,000JPY, takes less than 4 hours. However, if your flight arrives at the Narita in the afternoon, e.g. 4PM, still you can reach to Niigata around 9PM, but you may miss the reception. In such case, you may think about arriving Japan in the previous day (July 11th).

As for the return trip, you need 4 hours train trip and additional 2 hours for check-in time (the sum is 6 hours). If your return flight from Narita is in the morning, it is better to stay near the Narita airport (or Tokyo) in the previous night. So, you start Niigata (2PM) after the closing, and arrive Narita (6PM) to spend one night in a hotel near the airport. If your flight is at night (8PM after), you can catch it in the same day. The earliest trip starts from Niigata station from 6AM and arrives Narita airport at 10AM.

You may know that some international flights arrive/depart to/from Haneda airport (Tokyo International Airport) recently. Haneda airport is nearer to Tokyo railroad station where the Shinkansen (bullet train) starts for Niigata (about 30min), comparing to Narita airport (about 60 min). Unfortunately, no direct train connection is available from Haneda to Tokyo station. You can visit the Tourist Information Center (Arrival Lobby, 2F) for further information and JR tickets (

If you can find flight to the Niigata airport within reasonable travel time and cost, you are, say, lucky. The Niigata airport to Niigata station is only 30min. by bus (about 500JPY). Then you can take taxi to the hotel. Unfortunately, flights to the Niigata airport is rather sparse.

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