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Sunday 12 July 2015

13:00-20:00 Registration opens (3rd floor)
18:00-20:00 Welcome reception (3rd floor Conference Room)

Monday 13 July 2015

08:10- Registration opens (3rd floor)
08:30-09:00 Opening – ICCOSS 2015

Session 1 Chair: Keiichiro Ogawa

09:00-09:50 Plenary Lecture - PL1
New Experimental Techniques for Exploring the Properties of Organic Solids
KDM Harris, Cardiff University, UK
09:50-10:10 O1 Direct Observation of Chemical Reactions in an Interactive Pore by X-rays
M Kawano, Pohang University of Science and Technology, Republic of Korea
10:10-10:30 O2 Fast Molecular Solid-State Reactions by Proper Experimentation
G Kaupp, University of Oldenburg, Germany

-Coffee break & Exhibition (3rd floor Conference Room)-

Session 2 Chair: Kenneth D. M. Harris

11:00-11:50 Plenary Lecture - PL2
Chirality in flatland: molecular recognition, chiral switches and unidirectional motors at surfaces
KH Ernst, Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology, Switzerland
11:50-12:10 O3 Preferential enrichment: Application to racemic compound crystals
H Takahashi, Kyoto University, Japan
12:10-12:30 O4 Chirality Ripening and Crystal to Crystal Conversion
R Kuroda, Tokyo University of Science, Japan

-Lunch & Exhibition (3rd floor Conference Room)-

Session 3 Chair: Hidehiro Uekusa

13:45-14:35 Plenary Lecture - PL3
Including presentation of ChemComm Emerging Investigator Lectureship 2014)
Rehabilitating the solid state as a reaction medium: towards a new system of chemical synthesis using mechanochemistry and related methods
T Friščić, McGill University, Canada
14:35-14:55 O5 Sulphur in Crystal Engineering
R Bishop, The University of New South Wales, Australia
14:55-15:15 O6 Cation-π Interactions between Pyridinium and Benzene Rings: A Powerful Tool for Arrangement of Organic Molecules
S Yamada, Ochanomizu University, Japan

-Coffee break & Exhibition (3rd floor Conference Room)-

Session 4 Chair: Masaki Kawano

15:45-16:00 O7 Engineering ternary cocrystals by orthogonal hydrogen and halogen bonds (Young Scientist Award Presentation)
F Topić, University of Jyvaskyla, Finland
16:00-16:15 O8 Crystal Engineering of Metalloporphyrin Assemblies by Concerted Halogen and
Hydrogen Bonding Interactions (Young Scientist Award Presentation)
HM Titi, Tel Aviv University, Israel
16:15-16:30 O9 Hydrogen-Bonded Multiporous Hexagonal Networks Composed of C3-Symmetric
π-Conjugated Macrocycles
I Hisaki, Osaka University, Japan
16:30-16:45 O10 Linking structure with function to design porous organic materials (Young Scientist Award Presentation)
SY Chong, University of Liverpool, UK
16:45-18:30 Poster Session 1 <odd numbers> (3rd floor Conference Room)

Tuesday 14 July 2015

Session 5 Chair: Miguel A. Garcia-Garibay

09:00-09:50 Plenary Lecture - PL4
Acid-Base Complex Formation to Observe Reaction Intermediates in the Crystalline State
Y Ohashi, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
09:50-10:10 O11 Design of High-performance Supramolecular Host and Guest-dependent
Fluorescence Properties of Inclusion Crystals
N Tohnai, Osaka University, Japan
10:10-10:30 O12 Pyridinium-derived zwitterions as supramolecular building blocks
DA Haynes, University of Stellenbosch, South Africa

-Coffee break & Exhibition (3rd floor Conference Room)-

Session 6 Chair: Graeme M. Day

11:00-11:50 Plenary Lecture - PL5
Amphidynamic Materials and Molecular Machines: Towards Correlated Rotation and Gearing
MA Garcia-Garibay, University of California, USA
11:50-12:05 O13 Crystal Crosslinking as the Third Kind of Crystalline Polymerization
K Kokado, Hokkaido University, Japan
12:05-12:25 O14 New crystalline phases of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients obtained by
crystallization and heat treatment
GD de Delgado, Universidad de Los Andes, Venezuela

-Lunch & Exhibition (3rd floor Conference Room)-

Session 7 Chair: Akikazu Matsumoto

13:45-14:35 Plenary Lecture - PL6
Photochromism of Diarylethenes in Single Crystals
M Irie, Rikkyo University, Japan
14:35-14:50 O15 Photomechanical Motion of Benzophenone Crystals
H Koshima, Waseda University, Japan
14:50-15:05 O16 Photoreversible Current ON/OFF Switching by Photoinduced Bending of Gold-Coated Diarylethene Crystals (Young Scientist Award Presentation)
D Kitagawa, Osaka City University, Japan

-Coffee break & Exhibition (3rd floor Conference Room)-

Session 8 Chair: Norimitsu Tohnai

15:35-15:55 O17 Feedback Mechanisms in Single-Crystal-to-Single-Crystal Solid-State Reactions
MA Fernandes, University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa
15:55-16:10 O18 Structure-Reactivity Correlations and Mechanistic Understanding of Photoinduced Rearrangement and Photosalient Effect of α-Santonin and its Derivatives in Solutions, Crystals and Crystalline Suspensions (Young Scientist Award Presentation)
P Commins, University of California–Los Angeles, USA
16:10-16:25 O19 In situ Control of Solid-State [2+2] Photodimerization in the Dual Photoreactive Crystal
A Sekine, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
16:25-16:40 O20 Structure and Photoreaction of Unsaturated Carboxylic Acids in the Liquid Crystalline State
A Matsumoto, Osaka Prefecture University, Japan
16:45-18:30 Poster Session 2 <even numbers> (3rd floor Conference Room)

Wednesday 15 July 2015

Session 9 Chair: Graciela Diaz de Delgado

09:00-09:50 Plenary Lecture - PL7
Functional Liquid-Crystalline Assemblies Exhibiting Photonic, Ionic, and Separation Properties
T Kato, The University of Tokyo, Japan
09:50-10:10 O21 Ferroelectricity from Molecular Rotation in Organic Ionic Crystals
J Harada, Hokkaido University, Japan
10:10-10:30 O22 Aggregation-induced emission (AIE) behavior of difuroanthra-quinones and their
TCNQ analogues
N Hayashi, University of Toyama, Japan

-Coffee break & Exhibition (3rd floor Conference Room)-

Session 10 Chair: Roger Bishop

11:00-11:50 Plenary Lecture - PL8
Organic Radical Crystals: From Structural Transformations to Electronic Functions
K Awaga, Nagoya University, Japan
11:50-12:10 O23 Photoinduced Dynamics in Organic Crystals Studied by Time-resolved Vibrational Spectroscopy
K Onda, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan

-Short break-

12:25-12:40 O24 Photo-induced dynamics of Me4P[Pt(dmit)2]2 studied by time-resolved optical
spectroscopy and electron-diffraction technique
T Ishikawa, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
12:40-12:55 O25 High field temperature dependent magneto-photocurrent in organic photo-voltaic cells
B Khachatryan, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, Israel
12:55-13:10 O26 Re-examination of Amio Acid NCA Polymerization 64. Topochemical Polymerization of L-Glutamic Acid Ester N-Carboxy Anhydrides
H Kanazawa, Fukushima University, Japan

-Lunch & Exhibition (3rd floor Conference Room)-

14:00-17:30 Excursion
18:00-20:00 Sushi dinner

Thursday 16 July 2015

Session 11 Chair: Kunio Awaga

09:00-09:50 Plenary Lecture - PL9
Organic crystal energetics: polymorphism to prediction
GM Day, University of Southampton, UK
09:50-10:10 O27 Analysis of chalcogen-chalcogen and halogen-halogen interactions in crystals by ab initio molecular orbital calculations
S Tsuzuki, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Japan
10:10-10:25 O28 Towards computer-guided design of porous molecular organic crystals
A Pulido, University of Southampton, UK

-Coffee break-

Session 12 Chair: Hiroshi Yamamoto

10:55-11:45 Plenary Lecture - PL10
Mechanistic Considerations in Growth Induced Crystal Twisting
B Kahr, New York Univeristy, USA
11:45-12:05 O29 Chiral Discrimination in the Solid State: New Ideas on an Old Story
G Coquerel, Université de Rouen, France
12:05-12:20 O30 Construction of Chiral Polar Crystals Composed of Hydrogen-bonded Layers by
Halogen Bonds (Young Scientist Award Presentation)
T Sasaki, Osaka University, Japan


Session 13 Chair: Bart Kahr

13:35-14:25 Plenary Lecture - PL11
Surface mobility of organic glasses and its role in fast crystallization and formation of stable glasses by vapor deposition
L Yu, University of Wisconsin, UK
14:25-14:40 O31 Continuous preferential crystallization
C Rougeot, University of California, USA
14:40-14:55 O32 Deracemization via Damped Temperature Fluctuations Combined with a Solution Phase Racemization of an Organic Conglomerate Compound
K Suwannasang, Suranaree University of Technology, Thailand

-Coffee break-

Session 14 Chair: Naoto Hayashi

15:25-15:45 O33 Computational Design of Porous Organic Molecules
KE Jelfs, Imperial College London, UK
14:45-16:05 O34 Colour properties of fluorescein: an interplay of tautomerism and crystal packing (Young Scientist Award Presentation)
M Arhangelskis, University of Cambridge, UK
16:05-16:20 O35 The construction of co-crystal ternary phase diagrams as a tool for solvent selection and design of co-crystallization process with regard to particle size distribution
J Holaň, University of Chemistry and Technology Prague, Czech Republic
16:20-16:35 O36 Solvent vapour-assisted cocrystallisation  
I Sarceviča, University of Latvia, Latvia

-Short break-

Session 15 Chair: Jun Harada

16:55-17:25 ICDD Sponsored Lecture
Polymorphism in commercially important pharmaceuticals analyzed using the PDF-4 / Organics database
GD de Delgado, Universidad de Los Andes, Venezuela
17:25-17:40 Young Scientist Awards and Poster Awards
17:40-18:00 O37 Thin-Film Single Crystals for Organic Superconducting Transistor
HM Yamamoto, Institute for Molecular Science, Japan
18:00-18:15 O38 On the Headaches of Resolving a Low Melting Combination as a Cocrystal or Eutectic
S Cherukuvada, Indian Institute of Science, India
19:30-21:30 Banquet (Hotel Nikko Niigata)

Friday 17 July 2015

Session 16 Chair: Hidehiro Uekusa

09:00-09:50 Plenary Lecture - PL12
Asymmetric Synthesis Involving Dynamic Preferential Crystallization
M Sakamoto, Chiba University, Japan
09:50-10:10 O39 Dynamic Quantum Crystallography: Refinement of lattice dynamical models from periodic ab-initio calculations against elastic X-ray and neutron diffraction data
AØ Madsen, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
10:10-10:25 O40 Determining the Nature and Properties of the Reflective Materials in the Reflection Superposition Compound Eye (Young Scientist Award Presentation)
BA Palmer, Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel

-Coffee break-

Session 17 Chair: Masami Sakamoto

10:55-11:15 O41 Cryoformation of the New Crystalline Drug Nanostructures
YN Morozov, Moscow State University, Russia
11:15-12:30 O42 Magneto-Structural Correlation in Imidazopyridine Nitornyl Nitroxide Derivatives and Polymorphism
N Yoshioka, Keio University, Japan
12:30-12:20 Plenary Lecture - PL13
Crystalline Sponge Method Updated: X-ray Details and Applications
M Fujita, The University of Tokyo, Japan
12:20-12:30 Conclusion Remarks